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Before an emergency occurs, it is critical that alerting authorities and alert originators have messaging templates saved for various scenarios. Utilize this template tool below to craft 90- and 360-character messages to save time during a disaster or emergency. Alert originators must continue to send 90-character versions of their alerts to ensure that everyone in their community is able to receive a version of it. They may also send a 360-character version to communicate additional information more clearly to those that are able to receive it. If you initiate a 90- and a 360-character version of the same alert using freeform text, wireless providers that participate in WEA will send your 90-character version to people connected to older networks and your 360-character version to people connected to newer networks.

Pro tip: if including a URL, consider linking to social media instead of your agency website. Social media can handle a large increase in traffic while your agency website could crash.

90-Character Message Template

  • Characters Remaining: 90/90

360-Character Message Template

  • Characters Remaining: 360/360